BusinessHealthcare Is Changing, and Entrepreneurs Are Making It Happen

Arjun Gangakhedkar October 12, 2018
The U.S. healthcare system is like nothing we’ve seen before – nothing compares in terms of complexity, access, and cost. With that said, we’re already making progress toward a change in the way we run the system through legislation and federal policy changes. With the nation taking years of legislation and policy transformation to address issues in the past, we know that relying on the legal system to reform the healthcare industry will be a...

StartupsBiotech Companies Are Hard. These 21-Year-Olds Raised $2.2 Million For Theirs.

Steven Li September 10, 2018
Young entrepreneurs start a variety of different businesses. Most successful ones are internet business; fewer of them start product-businesses that end up selling well. A rare bunch are the young entrepreneurs who run successful biotech companies. The truth is, biotech businesses simply drain too much money most of the time. For instance, $1 million in funding for a social media app might be able to allow a few great engineering and product hires that allow...

BusinessTrade Wars: Economic Hegemony in the South China Sea

Sean Cai September 10, 2018
The Sino-US trade war looms glaringly over the American economy, threatening small businesses and forcing consideration of radical economic reform.  Most pervasively, China’s emerging economic hegemony threatens areas of prominent American investment, like the regional hotspot of Southeast Asia, the South China Sea.  China has aggressively pursued an aggressive claim on the South China Sea which the international Hague Convention has deemed illegal, but Chinese claims still continue to the helplessness of regional neighbors The...

CareersMaybe STEM Isn’t The Only Future For America’s Youth

Kaleb Amare August 31, 2018
A quick glance at most postgraduate studies on income seems to confirm what most people already believe; that STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) majors are by and large the most profitable fields of study. Inversely, many humanities majors such as English, History, Philosophy, and Religion, often struggle to find both employment and higher paying salaries by comparison. In line with these benefits, the popularity of STEM majors is skyrocketing, experiencing rapid growth in the...

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