StartupsStill Driving To The Grocery Store? Not For Long.

Youth Business Collective August 17, 2018
Common is the narrative of the frustrating trip to the grocery store. The traffic, the long lines, the seemingly uncountable number of choices that the consumer has makes shopping nothing short of a hassle. But as technology goes on to disrupt every industry and every space we have ever known, the grocery market is bound to follow suit. Some of the largest grocery stores in the nation are quickly starting to catch on to this....

CareersThe Most Profound Statement Steve Jobs Ever Made

Steven Li August 16, 2018
Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most influential people of all time. Having started Apple in a time when smartphones seemed ridiculous, Jobs was by all means practically a man with a crystal ball. Steve said many interesting things, but perhaps the most profound of them all is “stay hungry, stay foolish,” as a part of Stanford University’s commencement speech back in 2005. Now, this saying is one of the most widely-recognized. So what...

CareersThis Is How You Should Be Asking Questions

Arjun Gangakhedkar August 15, 2018
As you progress in your career, you’ll find that you spend more time asking other people for information. At one moment you might find yourself requesting the status of a project from a project manager; at another moment you might be asking your team what they think about launching a new product idea; the bottom line is that you’ll be asking questions wherever you go, and it’s important that you make the most out of...

Careers‘The Grind’ Is Overrated … It’s All About Your Principles

Youth Business Collective August 14, 2018
Principles are concepts that can be repeatedly applied across various situations. The most successful players in every game of life apply a core set of strategic principles that they use to win. In other words, principles are a set of methods used to deal with specific rules and directives of life. That’s why “the grind” is somewhat cliche; it places the emphasis on the work you’re doing, not why you’re doing it. Your principles are...

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