The Science Behind Smiles

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One day, late for a conference in Boston, I was looking for a shortcut. So I walked through a nearby building that was connected to my hotel, planning to use an exit door I had spotted earlier to make my way to the conference center.

But as soon as I reached the building’s exit doors, a uniformed man made his way over to me, yelling, “You can’t cut through here!”

“Why not?” I asked, startled.

“Private property! You’re standing in private property!” he shouted.

Without realizing, I walked into an unmarked and secured zone. “It would help,” I suggested, “if there were a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign on the door.”

My suggestion clearly made him more agitated. “Get out!” he screamed.

I retreated back to the main route, his anger and frustration resonating inside of my head throughout the rest of the day.


When someone empties their toxic emotions on us – they enable neural circuitry inside us that holds the same distressing emotions. In other words, emotions are contagious, and we can catch strong emotions just as we would catch the common cold.

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