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Technology and entrepreneurship are changing the world at a blistering pace. As startups and large corporations alike continue to have a large amount of funding and talent backing their work, it is easy for young entrepreneurs to lose hope in themselves ever developing something of value, something that’s capable of changing the world.  But at the same time, it is increasingly important for young people to hedge big risks in creating businesses that tackle some...


From time-to-time, I hear the saying “Your network is your net worth”. Though I do not completely agree with that statement because I do think that your “net worth” should be more so defined compositely by one’s competencies, domain knowledge, and their network, I do believe that networking and peopling are undervalued notions when business is initially introduced to students. Today, I share why it is important to foster long-term business relationships and how young...


In business, particularly with regards to startups and entrepreneurship, people learn by doing. Experience is what drives positive outcomes – it is what distinguishes one entrepreneur from another, what allows one entrepreneur to avoid pitfalls common to those who are inexperienced. But though it is important to gain experience from actually doing, another way to internalize experience is by learning from that of others, people we like to call mentors. These people could range in...

The Youth Business Collective is a content-based network targeted toward Generation Z business education. The aim is to expand and create opportunities for those with strong interests in business.


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