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Lawrence is the Founder and Director of financial education nonprofit, Money Matters to Students (MMTS), the Chair of Youth Engagement for the Serve America Movement (SAM), Editor of the Finance, International, and Domestic News sections of The Jabberwock, and a Research Intern at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.

In a recent tweet, President Trump announced his intention to have the SEC study a rule implemented in 1934 following the Great Depression that plays an integral role in our financial markets: quarterly earnings reports. The President cited conversations with “the world’s top business leaders” in his shift towards favoring a semiannual rather than quarterly reporting schedule. This move also follows in the steps of the 2013 European Union decision to shift towards the semiannual...

The Youth Business Collective is a content-based network targeted toward Generation Z business education. The aim is to expand and create opportunities for those with strong interests in business.


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