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Samuel Shih is a Contributor at Youth Business Collective, the Founder and President of Reason for Debate and an Ayala Fellow at the UCI Ethics Center.

Innovation and greed are the two things that have changed the world. Countless inventions have come about because either there was a need or the inventor was just plain greedy for money. However, in rare circumstances, these two can combine together to create an entirely new product. Cryptocurrencies are one of them. The price of Bitcoin, the most famous cryptocurrency, increased in valuation from about $900 in December 2016 to near $20,000 just a year...


There have been few events in human history as impactful to human society as the Industrial Revolutions. The first two industrial revolutions completely changed society at that time, creating a more urban society with a higher quality of life. Now a third revolution is underway but this time it’s not about mass-production. It’s going to be about individualized products. Whereas previous industrial revolutions involved creating huge amounts of identical products as that lowered costs of...

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