Healthcare Is Changing, and Entrepreneurs Are Making It Happen

BusinessHealthcare Is Changing, and Entrepreneurs Are Making It Happen

The U.S. healthcare system is like nothing we’ve seen before – nothing compares in terms of complexity, access, and cost. With that said, we’re already making progress toward a change in the way we run the system through legislation and federal policy changes. With the nation taking years of legislation and policy transformation to address issues in the past, we know that relying on the legal system to reform the healthcare industry will be a...
Trade Wars: Economic Hegemony in the South China Sea

BusinessTrade Wars: Economic Hegemony in the South China Sea

The Sino-US trade war looms glaringly over the American economy, threatening small businesses and forcing consideration of radical economic reform.  Most pervasively, China’s emerging economic hegemony threatens areas of prominent American investment, like the regional hotspot of Southeast Asia, the South China Sea.  China has aggressively pursued an aggressive claim on the South China Sea which the international Hague Convention has deemed illegal, but Chinese claims still continue to the helplessness of regional neighbors The...
Does Trickle-Down Economics Actually Work?

BusinessDoes Trickle-Down Economics Actually Work?

Trickle-down economics is the idea that decreasing taxes, especially on businesses and the upper classes, will stimulate the economy and lead to long-term growth. Trickle-down economics is a descendant and occasionally derogatory term for supply-side economics, which campaigns for tax cuts and deregulation of the financial sector. Today, let’s take a look at trickle-down economics as a synonym for the economic policies used by Ronald Reagan, which especially championed tax cuts for the upper and upper-middle classes. Or to...
The Latest from Trump: Ending Quarterly Earnings Reports?

BusinessThe Latest from Trump: Ending Quarterly Earnings Reports?

In a recent tweet, President Trump announced his intention to have the SEC study a rule implemented in 1934 following the Great Depression that plays an integral role in our financial markets: quarterly earnings reports. The President cited conversations with “the world’s top business leaders” in his shift towards favoring a semiannual rather than quarterly reporting schedule. This move also follows in the steps of the 2013 European Union decision to shift towards the semiannual...
This Teen Manages a Podcast Featuring Some of Business’s Best

BusinessThis Teen Manages a Podcast Featuring Some of Business’s Best

Today, it’s become incredibly easy to find, subscribe, and listen to tens of thousands of podcasts over topics such as news, business, politics, and much more. They’ve served as a free and accessible mode for gaining inspiration, staying educated and informed, and sparking personal and professional growth among all populations. But few youth have taken the initiative to work on their own podcast, given the difficulty in hosting big-name guests that audiences are interested in...

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